For Humanity, Memory has come to replace understanding. This is why current conflicts in our world cannot be resolved.

memory_frontcover.jpgMemory cannot, of itself lead to Understanding. It can only shape Points of View. These are endlessly subject to change. Real Understanding only comes into existence with DIRECT SEEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. As soon as it enters Memory, it is already subject to revision. Because it has become detached from Seeing.

Reconciliation is rediscovery in the LIVING Present of sameness, our real (and eternal) identity. Direct Seeing of shared Suffering replaces identification with differences and a true response can arise: “What can we do together to stop CAUSING this suffering now?”

ISBN 978-1-9999063-4-4     24 pages

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  1. The Universal Octopus is such a helpful image – am looking forward to perusing and contemplating the wisdom in the book… Thanks for all your efforts to help raise consciousness here on planet Earth – so we can, as Brian writes, stop world war 3 before it starts!

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  2. A vs B is world-wide now: International; internecine; among social classes and groups; within ruling parties; local communities, neighbourhoods and even families. Between humans and the rest of nature. Between religions, educational systems, scientific disciplines. And even within the human individual himself!

    And every fresh encounter between an A and a B results not in a a serious search for the Truth and a reconciliation, but in putting more fuel on the exploding fires of differences and hostility.
    And yet, one and one and one is One. Out of which every single, living, separatist particle emerged and into which it will dissolve again.

    Currently the powers that be are increasingly dictatorial and repressive. And the rest of the people are gradually becoming more and more questioning and resistant. There is a rising tide of questioning and fact-finding from a higher class of lawyers, doctors and scientists. But not among politicians and money makers.

    The most authoritative information seems to be coming out of Germany.

    At the moment, this “rising tide” has ceilinged out at “Is what the governments are doing legal?” But, in the absence of a generally accepted ethical and spiritual understanding, this boils down to who says it’s legal. The English word “legal” actually derives from ancient Greek “say”. So whether it’s legal or not depends on who says so!

    In the U.K., there is a Palace of Westminster by the Thames where about 600 people make laws which decide what approximately 68 million other people can and can’t do, must and mustn’t do and the penalties if they won’t do it. Actually, it only requires a majority of the 600 to get a “law” passed (300+).

    The judges are supposed to interpret the “laws”.

    Oh, yes, and who appoints the judges? The Queen acting on the advice of the Head (Prime Minister) and his Government. If the Government disagrees with decisions of the judges, it can (and currently does) make new laws.

    There need be no reference whatsoever to Ethical, Natural or Spiritual matters – or even Truth.

    In the case of those like yourself, who concern yourselves with Truth and who seek to avoid suffering and the causes of suffering for yourself and others, what can you do?

    • Discover the Truth of the One as experience and not just as thoughts and Metta (Loving Kindness) follows from this.
    • Put the experience into practice in order to enable yourself and those you are responsible for to escape permanently from the Saṃsāra and the beginningless cycle of repeated births and deaths.
    • Share the Truth with others where indicated by Universal SatNav. Often, significant and impartial questions provide an entry point (e.g. “What is on your plate?” etc.)

    Brian Taylor, October, 2020

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