With everything nowadays, ETHICS comes first. It also begins in the here and now.

Basic Ethics – Don’t intentionally do to other living beings anything that causes suffering and which you would not want done to you. Do that in the NOW. That brings you right into the Eternal Present and takes care of your Future forever, too.

Whether it’s your own as an individual, or of part of a group — a family, nation, race, species, human animal (mankind), it is full of ethical failures (bad karma) which will have to be answered for one day. But, if you stop making more ethical mistakes NOW, they suddenly become finite. If you also start to their fill the gaps with their opposites: friendliness, sympathy, affection, compassion, good will etc. This reduces one’s past bad karma also.

One becomes happier in the Present. And, working together with other
Truth Seekers in the Present, one helps to create a Better World. And a better FUTURE.

Meditation Practice
From moment to moment, cover your navel with your hand and concentrate on the invisible Centre in the centre of your body at the exact point where the breathing begins and stops. Keep doing this until you can see a lighted sphere. You can then make the invisible visible. That’s all.

You can then explore the Invisible Centre as explained in the book(s) and Universal Octopus website.

No need to become frustrated or impatient or anything else in the world
at all. The outer world subsides and reveals its true characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and without a self-identity. It also emphasises the necessity to completely purify one’s own mind.

One is now on the way back to one’s Old Home in the Eternal.

Don’t lose heart or clarity. Never abandon Basic Ethics.

In this way, the tentacles rediscover their oneness with the Universal Octopus from which they originate and have never been separated from.

Brian Taylor
24th April, 2021

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